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Mel C: 'Matt Cardle and I had a cheeky secret snog before filming our music video'

Spice Girls beauty Mel C has confessed that kissing Matt Cardle in front of the cameras for their collaborative music video wasn't hard because they allowed themselves a sneaky trial run.

The pair locked lips for their 'Loving You' offering and Mel C is quoted by Now magazine as confessing that they practised the all-important smooch in Cardle's dressing room before it was time to shoot the real thing:

"I've never had a love interest in a video before so I was really nervous beforehand. To be fair, it's not a hardship snogging Matt Cardle... As they were setting up this particular scene, Matt and I were chatting and I told him I'd never done this before. He was like "OK, that's cool", and then went off to get changed next door."

‘Suddenly, I heard him shouting at me to come in. I thought "Oh, sh*t, I've done something wrong." Anyway, he turned to me and said: "I'm not being funny but it's really weird kissing someone for the first time in front of a room full of people. So, er, do you mind if we practise first?" It was genius. And as cringy and embarrassing as that was, we did have a cheeky little secret snog before we went down to do it for real on set."

She added: "It was lovely... And because it made us all a bit giggly, it really brought us together."





Watch the music video for 'Loving You' below: