Oats Are A True Thing of Beauty


Mellotron Records

Highly regarded as innovators within the ambient chill community, Oats have managed to create a completely unique sound derived from their passionate appreciation of our world. Recording their music within the confines of a self sufficient, sun-powered mobile studio, Oats have allowed themselves to become immersed in the mystical, natural beauties that surround us every day, which in turn have inspired them to create some truly beautiful compositions.

‘Humanhood’ is the latest masterpiece to be grown from within the mobile studio (the aptly nicknamed Hippo), showcasing such an incredible level of tenderness, affection and wonder that could only come from taking in the beautiful landscapes that shape our planet. Oats pride themselves on combining both acoustic & electronic sounds in their works, and in this case the rich, incomparable piano sound comes directly from a treasured family heirloom, adding another deep layer of emotion & narrative to this already stunning tapestry.

From the warming, heartfelt tones of the piano to the soothing, reassuring drones that elegantly help drive the gentle percussion, ‘Humanhood’ is a thing of sheer heartfelt beauty that perfectly reflects the landscapes that inspired the gentlemen in the first place. ‘Humanhood’ is an impacting, romantic piece of music that not only will touch you, it’ll grab you firmly by the hand and guide you through whatever life throws at you, seeing you peacefully through to the other side.

Oats 'Humanhood' is out now from all digital stores; including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

April 24, 2019 10:18am ET by Mellotron Records  


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