Manuel Zito makes his Mellotron debut

Cutting, Beautiful & Simply Magnificent


Mellotron Records

Despite being almost 3000 miles apart, Zito’s true inspiration comes not from his hometown, but in the form of the rich heritage & natural beauty of Iceland, and it’s this passion for Nordic-European imagery that has shaped him into the exceptional & unique pianist that he is today; and if the track’s name didn’t give it away already this adoration is far from waning.

‘White Landscapes’ is the brand new poetic piano solo from one of the most naturally gifted composers today, and a testament to why the young Italian continues to impress with his visionary song writing.

Like the Icelandic Peaks that inspired it, ‘White Landscapes’ is a beautifully cutting ballad that still manages to weave in wonder and mysticism amongst its harsh yet emotional chords. It’s a composition capable of transporting your mind instantly to its breathtaking inspirational backdrop, delivering that same tingling sensation of awe & magnificence felt by the man behind the keys.
Although Manuel Zito is arguably in his early days as a recording artist, he has already found what defines him as an impactful contemporary pianist, so expect more tremendous things coming your way from this incredible musician.

Manuel Zito 'White Landscapes' is out now from all digital stores; including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

May 15, 2019 9:56am ET by Mellotron Records  


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