The Sky’s the Limit for Lauge & Tondut

Lauge & Tondut drop new collaboration on Mellotron Records


Mellotron Records

Hot off the heels of his latest EP ‘Capsule’, Lauge has taken his signature emotional and atmospheric sound and shared it with prolific electronic, neo classical composer Matt Tondut to create something truly powerful and immersive. ‘Above the Clouds’ is a testament to the two musicians who have honed their craft and simply wish to take their talents to new heights. Evolving from a minimalist piano foundation, the two artists have combined their love and extraordinary visions of creating mood-setting tracks to deliver this delicate ambient crossover.

‘Above the Clouds’ is a beautiful and cinematic masterpiece that showcases just how epic and moving the ambient music scene has become; particularly with these two fine gentlemen at the helm. From the reserved and comforting melody that envelopes every part of your body, to the staggering, inspirational underscore that takes your mind & soul to a better place, every single second of ‘Above the Clouds’ is a breath-taking experience unlike anything the pair have released before. Never before has a song title so perfectly described the sheer grandeur and inspirational wonder behind a musical score, and if this track is anything to go by then the sky’s the limit for what these 2 incredible musicians can bring to the table together.

Lauge & Matt Tondut 'Above The Clouds' is out now from all digital stores; including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

July 12, 2019 5:50am ET by Mellotron Records  


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