'Lapland’ due to be released on March 10th 2014

Lapland's debut single ‘Unwise’ was a thing of beauty; full of burbling electronic textures, prettily strummed guitars, eerie harmonies, and bleak lyrics about failed romance, it set the tone for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The track has already received plays on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 music and Amazing Radio.

Lapland was born in a tiny half-bedroom in Brooklyn, where Mease had always found comfort in the solitude of his own thoughts, often preferring the landscapes within his mind’s eye over the bustle of the city that surrounded him.

Perhaps this self-imposed isolation is why Lapland has such an introspective tone. Themes of separation and loss are woven throughout the album, from the percolating electronic gallop of the opening track, “Unwise”, to the blue-eyed soul of “Aeroplane”, to the acoustic haze and layered harmonies of “Overboard”, Mease always keeps things interesting.  One can hear the effect of the myriad of music styles and genres that informed Lapland – early synth pioneers of the 60′s and 70′s, and 1970s staples like Fleetwood Mac.

Mixing styles is not new for Mease. He grew up in Texas where his childhood love of rock and country evolved into studying jazz guitar. After moving to New York, he eventually shifted his focus from playing jazz to singing and writing songs. This transformation gives Mease a unique approach to songwriting, and his work has earned him fans not only in indie circles but also in jazz, R&B, and classical music as well.  Expect dates from Lapland in the UK later in 2014.

 ‘Lapland’ the album, is due to be released on March 10th 2014 at the same time as new single ‘Where Did It Go’ which was premiered on Amazing Radio this weekend.http://snd.sc/1alBWOl

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