Meet Mia Grace, Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Daughter of Hip-Hop Legend

Mia Grace embodies feeling rather than a genre, in debut single 'Stuck'


Mia Grace

Mia Grace is a singer, songwriter, and producer originating from New York/New Jersey. Daughter of renowned artist Prince Be from P.M. Dawn (Attrell Cordes), and multi-faceted industry professional Mary Sierra, Grace is a complete musician who’s storytelling combined with her genre-blending music will captivate any listener. Mia may have just released her first single but the young 22-year-old artist has been cultivating her sound for almost a decade. Discovering her passions at a very young age, Grace started to seek after her own sound. Inspired by the likes of Minnie Riperton, Aaliyah, and her father, Grace grew up expressing her interests in no better environment to enrich her creativity. In 2017 she began pursuing a degree with Berklee College of Music and moved to Los Angeles to fully submerge herself in her ambitions. Since moving to L.A, Grace has collaborated with various artists and has finally released her debut single “Stuck” produced by Myke Groov.

As Mia Grace reflects on her experience with love and the world, ‘Stuck’ transports us into a realm of otherworldliness. With mysterious symbolism, Grace adopts a lyrical approach that depicts her love as endlessly enchanting. She sings “I don’t care about the moon / The light’s inside your heart / The stars they seem so small / You’re the biggest one I know”. For every transcendental thing about life, Mia can find an overriding equivalent. Fixated on the grand scope of romance, she most literally gets ‘stuck’ on her partner and the afterthoughts of her experiences. Her debut single embodies an array of components, layers, and genres that create a polished original sound. The dreamy lyricism, consistent rhythms, twinkling escapades, and angelic melodies all come together to create a delicate soulful sound. However, the open production and enthralling pop melody make ‘Stuck’ the perfect amalgamation of Mia Grace’s musical influences.‘Stuck’ represents an idea or feeling rather than a genre. This feeling is indescribable, as her love itself. When the listener dives in, Grace’s velvety vocals wash over us as we are left to melt into this celestial world of ‘Stuck’.

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October 11, 2020 9:22pm ET by Mia Grace  

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