Mia Grace announces new single “Wait,” the “Stuck” music video and more


Mia Grace

Mia Grace has announced new music, “Wait,” which is set to be released March 26th alongside Trae Ireland's newest film, "The Matchmaker". Grace says we can expect an acoustic version of the song as well as a remix of her first release, "Stuck". Mia acknowledged the music video for stuck had experienced a delay but is still on the way.

Mia Grace is a recording artist with a focus on creating music that borrows from a wide variety of styles and influences. Her songs defy genres and blur the lines between R&B, pop and takes from a multitude of influences. Her upcoming studio release, Wait is another example of her innate songwriting ability. Grace's sound feels modern and fresh but also universal and timeless. Some of her influences are Rihanna, Aaliyah, Minnie Riperton, and of course her father, Prince Be of P.M Dawn. Mia Grace still maintains a distinctive sound that stands out for its own perks and characteristics. Wait has an immersive sound and will keep listeners hooked from the start. The track has a west coast feel that has many layers, creating a lush, rhythmic sound. Mia has a great dynamic range, being quite intimate in the verses, but goes all out in the hooks, making for a more energetic flow. The lyrics are catchy, clever, and personable, making Grace's second single a strong one. Wait is a great example of Mia's range and artistry, showing substantial contrast from her first single "Stuck". Mia Grace is r&bs newest young star to watch.


Mia Grace is a pop, r&b singer-songwriter originating from New York, New Jersey. Daughter of world-renowned artist Prince Be of P.M Dawn and music industry mogul Mary Serra. Her story-driven, metaphorical lyricism creates something fresh and original. Inspired by the likes of her father, Aaliyah, Rihanna, and Minnie Riperton. Mia Grace seeks to create music that will connect people around the world. The talented musician wants to push the envelope with her sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style.

Mia started writing and recording professionally at thirteen. The young talented artist is currently enrolled in the Berklee College of Music and is using the time to really hone in on her sound and master her current projects. Grace is studying every aspect of the music industry, with the aim of making a big impact in the industry.

“Stuck” is Mia Grace’s debut and it really sets the stage for what she’s all about. Her versatile vocals glide of an infectious worldly pop beat. It’s a bold, daring, and impossible to ignore piece that enters unheard of musical territory. She aims to write songs on a range of subjects. This results in highly relatable anthems that are accessible for listeners of all musical persuasions. Her upcoming single “Wait” strongly contrasts her debut showing range and versatility. “Wait” is an r&b anthem with lush harmonies and rhythmic melodies. Her timeless tracks are raw, real, and tinged with electrifying energy that's contagious. She’s driven by a deep passion for music and an unrelenting drive to break through as the next big artist.

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February 11, 2021 5:56am ET by Mia Grace  

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