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Sunday, September 11, 2016 3:39pm ET by  
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Rihanna says she would smuggle M.I.A into the United States as she has no visa

M.I.A. is unable to enter the U.S as her application to renew an expired visa is still in process after filing for a renewal in 2014.

M.I.A. tells The Guardian:

"Obviously what's happening to me is very deliberate. I don't know who is doing it, it's like f**king playing Cluedo."

This plays havoc as not only does it prevent the singer from working in America but when she delivers her son to his father, who is American, she has to fly to the States. She is unable to leave the airport but has to return back to the UK.

The British Sri Lankan sent a text recently to her mate, Rihanna as she wanted to know if she would help her get over the border, even if through a tunnel:

'Some weird El Chapo move from Mexico. Or maybe in the boot of a car?'

Rihanna replied: “Yeah bitch, you know I would.”

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Watch M.I.A in action below:


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