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Miley Cyrus in first post-hospital interview: 'I begged doctors to let me out'

'We Can't Stop' superstar Miley Cyrus has opened up about her recent hospital stay, which caused her to cancel a string of 'Bangerz' tour dates and was the result of a shock allergic reaction to medication

In the first interview since her hospitalisation, Cyrus confessed to Ryan Seacrest that she tried everything in her power to continue with the run of dates, but her doctors simply wouldn't allow it: "I was begging the doctors to let me out to do the show."

She added to KIIS-FM that it was an ordeal that really shook her entire family up because her allergic reaction was so severe and really frightened them all: "It was really scary for me and scary for my mom. None of us have had anything like this happen."

Cyrus also joked that the best part about getting sick was being able to ride in an ambulance: "I went on my first ambulance ride, that was the only thing I was kind of excited about." Referring to her rescheduled Bangerz tour dates, she admitted that it's like she has caught a second wind: "The only good part about this whole thing is that it feels like I'm going on a second tour”

Watch footage of Cyrus performing on the tour here: