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Miley Cyrus on hospitalisation: 'I did way too much online shopping'

'Wrecking Ball' songstress Miley Cyrus has revealed that she was so fed up of being restricted to a hospital bed that she took to online shopping sprees to keep her mind off of the situation. 

The superstar was hospitalised earlier this month after suffering an extreme allergic reaction to medication and explained to Ryan Seacrest at KIIS-FM that she did a lot of online shopping because she was so bored during her stay there:

“I was just crying because I was so bored. I’m just laying here, I’m hooked to all these machines, every two hours some woman comes and pokes me with a needle and it’s just miserable and there’s nothing to do. I ended up doing way too much online shopping!”

When asked how she is doing now, Cyrus confessed that she is making a solid recovery and can't wait to resume her Bangerz tour:  “I’m doing good, I’m much better, happy to be getting back on the road, you have no idea.”

Writing on her official Twitter page after the interview with Seacrest, Cyrus responded to fans who said she spoke at an accelerated rate throughout the chat and joked: "Waaaaaait dooooooo iiiiiiii tallllkkkk realllllllly fassssst???????"

Watch Cyrus's godmother, Dolly Parton, talk about her transformation here: