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Friday, September 23, 2016 10:20am ET by  
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Miley Cyrus sends support and encouragement to Corey Feldman

Superstar Miley Cyrus has reached out to Corey Feldman in support after his much talked about musical performance on America's 'Today Show' last week. 

The former child star, who has appeared in such films as The Lost Boys and Stand By Me, performed a song called "Go 4 It" with his band Corey's Angels on the programme, but his rendition of the song was met with a lot of negative comments online. 

Miley Cyrus posted a message on her official Instagram account last night (September 22) and encouraged him to keep making music because there will always be people ready to tear others down and you have to ignore them:

"Corey - I hope you see this .... Haters gonna Hate! Lovers always gonna Love! Thank you and your angels for sharing your music with us! Please enjoy life and continue to make art! You're absolutely right to ignore (even though it can be hard) the hurtful comments made by uninspired people!!!! Fuck judgment! You have more courage than any of those hatin' motha fuckas!!!! Good luck to you and always dream big! I know that's what always keeps me smiling."

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Watch Feldman's unique performance here:


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