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Miley Cyrus on new sound and style: 'I don't owe anyone anything, it's a good time for me'

Pop songstress Miley Cyrus has revealed that she's enjoying her career at the moment because she is being true to herself and expressing herself without restriction.

During an interview with ITV's 'Daybreak', the 'We Can't Stop' beauty was asked about her edgy new appeal and confessed that it's not the act people seem to think it is and that she finally feels comfortable in her own skin so is showcasing her confidence:

"I feel like it’s a much better time for me because I don’t owe anyone anything. I have always been a person who when I work for someone I show respect and do what I say I’m going to do so, I finished up my show and did what I had to do then took two years to work on my record and now I’m able to play that for the world."

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, Cyrus admitted that her career is still her main passion so she hopes to still be making music: "Hopefully I am still doing this, hopefully on the road. I am going on tour next year and that’s my favourite thing to do. I will probably want to do that forever.”

The superstar also spoke about karma and joked that she must have done something great in a previous life to be as successful as she is now: "Personally I believe in karma because I've seen it bite so many people. I've been lucky because the universe has done something right for me, karmically it's always been really good to me. I must have done something right in my past life."





Watch Cyrus's interview from earlier today below: