I-Octane Trending with New "Banga Fone" Video



"Di Banga fone dem out / Suh yu know di Chopper dem deh all bout / Bricks nuff like wi a sell coke,” sings international recording artist I-Octane on his latest hit single "Banga Fone".

From the beginning of his career, I-Octane has found a formula to deliver back-to-back hits and remain constant on the dancehall and reggae charts albeit with social conscious commentaries, party anthems, ode to the ladies or every day life depictures. His latest musical offering produced by Jones Ave Records is no exception. The upbeat track is not to be taken seriously as words to live by, but rather a fun tempo paired video directed by KD Visuals that can be reminiscent of short film. "Some people feel that I am glorifying certain things with this song/video, but people need to realize that I am an entertainer, and like anything in life I have many dimensions. I am not just one thing. I sing serious songs, and I have fun songs. Like an actor I don't play just one role, Banga Fone happens to be my latest role" explains the top billboard charting singjay.

Recently released and receiving great reviews, "BANGA FONE" video has been steadily trending on YouTube. Watch it HERE, and stream the single on your favorite digital streaming platform. "BANGA FONE" is distributed by Johnny Wonder

'The song has a continuous, fast-paced beat, with the artiste vocals sitting on top of the mix nicely. The song seems to be centered on Octane’s lavish lifestyle and features shots of him in mansions, with girls in bikinis, shopping, flaunting money about. His delivery of the song is superb. In parts of the song, he compares himself to Kendrick Lamar, saying that his lyrics are just as unique and can be delivered as quickly. The video can be analyzed in several ways, giving that it is Jamaica, and everyone knows what it means to be using a “Banga fone.” - Urban Islandz


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