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Muse's Matt Bellamy on LA: 'I thought everyone was fake at first'

Musician Matt Bellamy, of Muse fame, has revealed that he struggled to get on board with life in Los Angeles at first because everyone seemed eerily content. 

Speaking to Q magazine, the frontman admitted that he initially thought people in the city were a little fake, but came to realise that they are genuinely just happy: "When you first move to LA you think anyone who seems that happy is fake. It takes your two or three years to realise they're just happy."

He added: "In my younger years I really didn't know what was going on in the world. As I've gotten older and I start to see clearly what my gripes are, I think I'm able to articulate it slightly better. Clarity is emerging. I'm past the point of thinking there's some f**king puppet master controlling it all."

Muse, meanwhile, have just been confirmed to headline Glastonbury Festival this summer. They'll perform on Pyramid Stage on the Friday night and in doing so will become the first band ever to have headlined every night of the festival.

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Watch a recent interview with Bellamy, below:


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