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Muse: 'We are probably among the last of the rock bands'

'Plug In Baby' hitmakers Muse have revealed that rock bands will soon be a thing of the past.

During an interview with Britain's Telegraph newspaper, the frontman admitted that rock bands are becoming less and less popular as time goes on, which is a shame:

"In the traditional mid-20th-century sense, I think we are probably among the last of the rock bands. But the term rock star is used very loosely these days. You could carry a laptop rather than a guitar."

He went onto talk about Coldplay, adding that they have managed to move away from the traditional rock band set-up to something more experimental almost seamlessly:

"Coldplay have done an interesting job of really transitioning away from traditional instruments into something almost entirely electronic. We've tried to keep a combination. I think we've been flying the flag for humanity a little bit longer than most."

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Watch Muse in action below:


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