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Muse's Matt Bellamy: "Film soundtrack was lovely coincidence"

Muse's Matt Bellamy said it was a "lovely coincidence" that his tracks for movie 'World War Z' were inspired by the book it is based on.

The band's music features in the soundtrack for the new Brad Pitt film, with their '2nd Law' album track 'Isolated System' used for the movie.

Bellamy says he was engrossed in the Max Brooks' novel while he and his bandmates were recording their newest record.

Speaking to MTV News he said: "When we were making the album, I was reading the book 'World War Z,' so it was kind of ideal. I didn't know about anything about the film at that time; I was just reading it because somebody told me it was a great book. And the album's got a lot of themes about the apocalypse, the end of the world, surviving in bleak circumstances ... it was just a lovely coincidence that we had these tracks that are inspired by the book."

Hollywood actor Pitt recently explained how Muse came to work on the film's soundtrack. He said: "We were looking for a 'Tubular Bells', which if you remember is the theme song from The Exorcist. We wanted to find something that had that same kind of feeling. Lo and behold, these guys, our friends Muse, were reading the ('World War Z') book at the same time they were writing their album 'The 2nd Law'. "

Muse performed a show in London after the film premiered in the UK capital recently.





Watch Muse talk about 'World War Z' here: