The Artist Refinery: A New Major Player in the Music Industry

The Artist Refinery, a US-based music production company, has many new exciting releases from their wide range of talented musicians coming up.

In this and next month alone, two of the musical talents they work with are set to release their much-anticipated singles and videos. With the CEO of the company being none other than award-winning writer and producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford, these releases are guaranteed to become instant hits, as with over a decade of music experience, everything Blaze touches turns into gold.




Arizona native Shae Brock is a talented pop artist who has just released her hit single “If I Ever” last week. Already being described as “youthful”, “fun”, and “full of party vibes”, it is the perfect anthem for the end of summer.

Inspired by Brock’s imaginative mind, “If I Ever” tells the story of being around such an enchanting person where words alone cannot suffice. Brock creatively turned that feeling into a catchy melody that will inspire anyone to reminisce, be uplifted, and of course dance! The video is set to be released by the Artist Refinery next month.




Hannah Elizabeth on the other hand, a Michigan native, is a cross-genre singer and songwriter who had her musical start at a very early age. Influenced by incredibly powerful female artists such as Amy Winehouse, Ellie Goulding and Florence and the Machine, Hannah released her widely successful debut single “Wild We’ll Run”, providing us with a preview of the great things to come from this talented young artist.

Her latest single “No Good” will be released on September 29, and her fans are waiting in anticipation to hear more of her dark and soulful vocals that she perfectly combines to a background of electronic and power beats. Upon deeper listening, one can discover that her songs communicate stories of love, strength and retribution, and can fully appreciate her way with words as a trained and accomplished writer. Her accompanying music video will be released in the following month and has all the chances to go viral.

With the Artist Refinery’s track record and years of experience and success, these two artists’ singles and videos are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. As the company’s selectivity has resulted in them working with only the finest musicians, both Shae Brock and Hannah Elizabeth are bound to become artists you will be hearing a lot from.

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