Maria Evangelou to release her new single "Mr Right"

“Entertaining and thought-provoking, crafted songs.”- Music Week 


Maria Evangelou is a songwriter and performer, and is currently based in London. Having been introduced to music from an early age, she decided to follow that path full-time as a way to express her artistic lifestyle and personality.   

Maria’s upcoming new single Mr Right is an enticing dip back into ‘60s history. It shows off Maria’s Motown, soul and jazz influences and can be compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse, Dionne Bromfield and Duffy. Although soul and jazz are usually considered to be the field allowed only for grownups, Maria effortlessly infuses her music with a mature expressiveness. She is very comfortable slipping on these classic styles like costumes and morphing into them. Her expression combined with the rich, quivering voice and a straight to the point retro production, together create a powerful formula for the perfect summer song.

Mr Right demonstrates a modern approach to the legend that is Motown and will be available for sale and download everywhere 8th September 2014.




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