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Dappy understands music's dark side

Dappy, one third of popular group N-Dubz, has revealed that he will always strive to better his career and despite his tough exterior does get offended by negative comments. 

Speaking exclusively to The Observer today, February 20, Dappy, real name Costa, explained:

"Going triple platinum isn't good enough, I'd like to go quadruple platinum. We've sold a hell of a lot of albums over the past few years, but it's about exceeding what you've achieved. It's easy to get there – but holding on to the success is much harder."

He also admitted that criticism and hurtful remarks, especially from people on social networking sites, does affect him:

"I get depressed. I've gone to dark places for days when I've seen our music videos have dropped off the TV airplay charts. Or I read a rude comment about us on YouTube. It fills me with self-doubt."

Dappy added that his career in N-Dubz probably saved his life:

"If I wasn't doing music, I'd be doing something illegal. Music and my dad saved me from either jail or death."

Watch the group's new video for 'Morning Star' below: