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N-Dubz say BRITs don't recognize album sales

N-Dubz have spoken out about how the music industry recognizes success in the latest issue of Zoo Magazine. 

Dappy, real name Costa, explained that the 'Playing With Fire' stars have sold more albums than some of the previous BRITs winners, but they still don't get a look in where award ceremonies are concerned:

"The BRIT Awards see success in number one singles." 

"You get two number ones and you get quick status. They don't see album sales as a big thing and that's what N-Dubz are about."

"No one can beat our album sales. That's why the BRITs can do what they want. We've sold more albums than half of the nominees."

He added:

"There are artists who want what we have and we want what some of them have. We've only had one number one and we want more. But some artists would cut off their arms to have anywhere near the album sales we've had."

Watch the band's latest video for 'Morning Star' here: