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N-Dubz’s band break

N-Dubz frontman Dappy has announced that the group will be going on an 18-month hiatus in order to focus on solo projects.

Speaking to Choice FM Breakfast, Dappy explained: “Tulisa is going to do her films and her fragrances.

"Fazer is going to produce half of my album and I'm going inside the studio to write songs with Tulisa.

"I've got bangers for you - I've got a big solo album coming for you, three smash singles. By Christmas, hopefully, I'll have two No.1s. One of my first ones is called No Regrets."

Despite the announcement, the rapper assured fans that the group would return, saying: "A year and a half or two years down the line and N-Dubz are going to be bigger than ever. We're going to come back and kill it."

Watch the group chatting about their single ‘Morning Star’ below: