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Fazer reveals he’s glad N-Dubz abandoned plans to take on America

Fazer has revealed that he’s glad N-Dubz abandoned their plans to take on America.

The 25-year-old, who yesterday confirmed that the trio wouldn’t reunite until at least 2014, told the Daily Star that they would have had to compromise their sound if they hadn’t chosen to leave their Stateside record label:

“We’re very self-sufficient, so putting us in with all of these producers, trying to make us sing songs we hadn’t written makes it all fake.

“No-one was ever going to respect us in America for our music if we came in singing everyone else’s songs or on a reality TV show. We came back with our album in the UK and it went double platinum.”

However, the Camden rapper, who is set to chart inside the Top 20 tomorrow with his debut single, ‘Killer,’ admitted that he’s still keen to crack the US as a solo artist:

“I feel like this album says it all. So when I go out there and they ask: ‘Who produced that?’ I can say: ‘Fazer done it.’ There’s a few of us out there, like Akon, who produces and writes all of his own stuff, Kanye West, and Labrinth.

“Those sort of artists are always the most credible and respected in the industry. And that’s what it’s about for Fazer – opening people’s eyes up to what he’s about.”




Watch Fazer perform 'Killer' below: