Reactional Music Partners with Tuned Global for Real-time Music Personalisation in Gaming

Reactional Music chooses Tuned Global as its music backend provider

Tuned Global music APIs and content delivery solutions provide Reactional Music with advanced tools to manage its music catalogue

Tuned Global’s Platform ensures game developers and gamers can search, curate and purchase all music with ease


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Tuned Global, the leading B2B music streaming technology specialist, has announced a deal with Reactional Music, the world-first technology that allows real-time personalisation of soundtracks and music during gameplay.

Acting as the music backend provider, Tuned Global will power the delivery of worldwide rights-cleared music catalogue from rights holders, record labels and artists to the Reactional Music Box – Reactional Music’s global music delivery platform for games development and consumer markets.

Through its recent integration with Musiio, Tuned Global will also provide AI technology to deliver supercharged tagging of all music available to Reactional Music. Reactional Music’s patented Engine, coupled with Tuned Global’s Music APIs and Musiio’s music AI, will power a new era in music personalisation for gamers and a new era for music search, curation and acquisition for games developers.

Reactional Music enables any commercial or production music to become interactive around the gamer, changing the way gamers experience, interact with and enjoy music in games and virtual worlds, including the metaverse. Reactional Music’s Engine reacts to every movement in a game, making personalised music an integral part of a game for the first time.

“The team at Tuned Global realised early on that Reactional Music is doing something very new for gaming and were prepared to work with us on delivering a completely new type of music delivery platform for game developers. The Tuned Global tech stack meets our needs well and is also already integrated with some of the content, publishing and music partners we will be working with.

“Tuned Global’s integration with Musiio’s AI was also important to us as Musiio can enable a sophisticated near real-time curation service that supports the level of sophistication that is demanded from games developers and the world’s gamers,” said David Knox, President Reactional Music.

“Music in game is a hot topic and we are glad to be able to assist the music and gaming industries in working together. Reactional Music’s mission and technology are so unique, they are really solving a market pain point by bringing a level of personalisation and engagement to games via music. Tuned Global is really excited to add its layer of music streaming technology to Reactional Music’s patented Engine to rewrite the rules for music and video games together,” added Con Raso, Tuned Global Managing Director.

Reactional Music is opening up a new commercial era for music rights holders and games businesses to work together with music available for in-game purchase for the first time. Curation and personalisation of music in video games will also deliver new levels of partnership across not only licensing, but A&R, music discovery, promotions and marketing.

The games market in 2021 generated total revenues of $180.3 billion and is expected to grow to $218.8 billion by 2024. While in-game purchases represented 74% of the total revenue in 2020, currently music still accounts for $0 of in-game purchases.

Reactional Music’s technology is already in use at Stockholm’s Avicii Experience museum powering a new generative music version of ‘Hey Brother’. Reactional Music is currently piloting five development projects ahead of launch. Its realtime music generation technology was also recently used in the VR title ‘Garden of the Sea’.

Reactional Music’s platform with Tuned Global’s music technology will be live in Q1 2023, initially delivering music and sound for games developers. A B2C roll out for all gamers will follow shortly thereafter.


About Tuned Global

Tuned Global is the leading provider of B2B streaming technology solutions, powering some of the world’s most successful streaming services. They offer a one-stop shop for all your music, audio and video streaming needs, providing white-label streaming apps, streaming service APIs, music content delivery and licensor reporting. The company’s web3-ready technology can also be used in the metaverse to create immersive music experiences.

Tuned Global tech has been used by some of the biggest names in music, fitness, gaming, media, telco and beyond, including the UFC, Line Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, True Digital Group, Pizza Hut, GMM Grammy, FanLabel and Psycle. Soon the company will announce a multitude of new deals.

About Reactional Music

Reactional Music is changing the way we experience, interact with and enjoy music in games. It does this by enabling any song or music to be generated in real-time around the user. Reactional Music’s Engine reacts to every movement in the game, making the music you love an integral part of the game you love and opening a new era in music personalisation.

For gamers your favourite music can now be a part of gameplay, reacting to your actions and movements in your game or interactive experience, creating new levels of personalisation and self expression. For games developers, creators and publishers it unlocks music’s value in games with access to worldwide rights cleared music and a new era for creation, collaboration, partnerships and opportunity. For music rights holders it enables music to become an in-game purchase and choice for the first time. The Reactional Music Box is a global music delivery platform that is device, service and system agnostic, with rights cleared music for developers and gamers, enabling scalable platforms and services for B2B and B2C markets. Reactional Music is piloting and working on game development projects ahead of a worldwide launch in Q1 2023.

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