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Nelly Furtado reveals she "was in a gang"

'Try' songstress Nelly Furtado has admitted that during her time in high school she was initiated into a gang called 'The Portuguese Mafia'.

Speaking about her edgy past, the star explained that although she stayed with the group for a while she was eventually kicked out for her questionable ability to throw stones with enough strength to do any real damage:

"I was in a high-school gang called the Portuguese Mafia. But I was the most hopeless rebel of all time. We drove around in a van with the windows covered in black paper."

"We specialised in crashing parties and throwing stones at buses."

"I was pretty good at crashing parties but the other gang members questioned whether I could throw the stones hard enough to break the windows - so they threw me out of the gang."




Watch her video for 'Spirit Indestructible' below: