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Nicki Minaj on Kanye West: 'He's the king'

Nicki Minaj has lavished praise on Kanye West.

The US rapper often polarises opinion with his outspoken behaviour, but Minaj told Capital FM that she is a big fan.

The 'Super Bass' star cited his 2010 track 'Monster' - which features Minaj - as an example of why he's the "king".

She said: "It's sort of amazing but I keep saying that Kanye, he gave me an amazing opportunity and because of that I feel like he outshines everyone. He puts people in a position to do better.

"When you are an artist and you can do that for people then you are the king, you are the one. And that's how I look at him.

"He did it in a really selfless way, he didn't have anything to gain from it. And that's what I've always respected and loved him for."

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Listen to 'Monster' below: