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Nicki Minaj: 'You should still have a voice in a relationship'

Superstar Nicki Minaj has revealed that a solid and healthy relationship should make you feel empowered and confident.

Speaking to Nylon recently, she explained how a relationship should make you feel and confessed that her rapper boyfriend, Meek Mill, is a great example:

"When he and I were just friends, he would always say, ‘You remind me of my mother, and I like that because you’re like a dude. You’re tough like a guy and you talk like a dude.’"

"So I always got the sense that me being tough and bossy was a turn-on for him. And it’s important for me to keep my voice. Being in a relationship shouldn’t mean that you lose your voice. Being in a relationship should mean that you’ve met a secure-enough man to allow you, in a sense, to remain a queen."

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Watch Meek Mill's video for 'All Eyes On You', which features Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, here:


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