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Nicki Minaj stars in a creepy video for SNL

Nicki Minaj was last night's (January 29) guest star on Saturday Night Live, but the rapper defied all expectations of a sexy performance and appeared in an unusual skit. 

Dressed in a pair of nerd glasses, blonde wig and a school uniform style outfit, she made her SNL debut as part of a Lonely Island music video called 'The Creep'. During the short video, Minaj hides in a locker to spy on half naked men and lunges lustfully at a corpse at a funeral. 

The 'Check It Out' rapper recently explained to MTV News how excited she was to appear on the iconic chat show:

"Being a part of 'Saturday Night Live' feels absolutely incredible. I still don't even believe it's true, I'm not even going to believe it's really happening until — well, I'm going to DVR it, because I can't watch it, because I'll be on it,"

"But until I see it back on DVR, I'm not even going to believe I was really on the show. This is epic, this is monumental, this is historic stuff."

Check out her brilliant performance in The Lonely Island's video for 'The Creep', which will feature on the comedy group's sophomore album, here: