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Nicki Minaj teases that she's "considering" a reality TV show

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj has branched out career-wise with a new role as a judge on 'American Idol' and she's also opened up about potential plans for a reality television series.

Speaking to Perez Hilton earlier this week, the 'Starships' hitmaker explained that while no contracts have been signed she is "considering" letting people into her life via a TV programme:

"That I'm going to keep a secret for now. I am still considering. I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it's the more they like you."

"When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I'm not running away from it anymore."

Hilton wrote on his website that Minaj is already filming the talked-about series and it will be aired on the E! channel.




Watch part of her recent interview on The View here: