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Nicki Minaj asks fans not to steal cardboard cut-outs of her

Nicki Minaj has requested that her fans refrain from stealing life-size cardboard cut-outs of her.

The ‘Super Bass’ rapper has revealed that for the promotion of her line of drinks called Myx Fusions life-size pictures of Minaj will be displayed in stores that stock the beverages.

Although Nicki Minaj encouraged her fans to have their picture taken with the cardboard figures she also urged them not to take them home.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the new advertising image (see picture below), Nicki also delivered this message:

“So this is the image I chose for the LIFE SIZE cardboard cut out. It'll be in Walgreens, liquor stores, etc. Barbz #GetChyoLife U can take pics with it but don't try to steal it cuz we got surveillance fo dat a**!!!”

Myx Fusions is a range of fruit flavoured moscasto beverages. 

Discussing other drink endorsement deals she has previously turned down in a video interview Minaj stated:

“I've been approached to be a part of lots of liquor brands and I've turned every one down because it wasn't believable and it didn't make sense for Nicki Minaj.”

Talking specifically about her new line of drinks the ‘Moment 4 Life’ star said: “I like Myx and I hope you do too but if you don't, more for me! Because I like it.”





Watch Nicki Minaj talking about her endorsement deals in the video below: