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Nicola Roberts says she is open to making another solo album

Nicola Roberts has revealed that she isn't averse to making another solo record.

The Girls Aloud singer released her first and only album 'Cinderalla's Eyes' in 2011.

She has since written tunes for the likes of Little Mix and former bandmate Cheryl.

Speaking to the 405, Roberts said that she isn't ruling out the possibility of making another record.

The Brit said: "I'm definitely not saying never.

"And it's interesting because there's always only so much creativity you can give to another artist's session because there will always be a brief for that session.

"You can be in a session where the artist would say to you, 'Oh, I wouldn't really say that myself'. Then it stunts your own release of creativity. 

"So there is definitely a big portion of me that needs to create and so when that starts to become intolerable then I would have to let that out."

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