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Nicola Roberts on therapy: 'I'd rather buy a pair of Louboutins'

Flame-haired solo star Nicola Roberts has opened up about her personal experiences of therapy in a new interview with InStyle magazine. 

In the February issue of the popular glossy fashion publication, on which she also graces the cover, the 'Lucky Day' songstress explains that although seeing a psychotherapist was incredibly expensive it worked for her and made her "very deep" in terms of how she both processes and understands things:

"It’s too bloody expensive. I’d rather sit there all night thinking until I couldn’t think any more, then reward myself the next day with a pair of Louboutins."

Roberts has overcome a lot in her career, from bullying during her time in Girls Aloud to the pressures of re-branding and re-launching as a solo artist, but credits her positivity to therapy:

"But therapy did make me very deep, because I had to search for the reasons why these things were happening to me. I think it’s important, especially today, when judgment seems to be spiralling out of control. I’d use what I’d learnt on the girls too, a bit like I was the group counsellor."




The full interview can be found in the new issue of InStyle and you can watch her music video for 'Yo-yo' below: