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Nicola Roberts on solo career: "I wanted to do my own thing"

Nicola Roberts has revealed her pride at taking her solo career down a different musical path than anyone else.

The singer launched her debut album in 2011 as Girls Aloud took time off, with her music markedly different to the other solo material released by her fellow bandmates.

However, she told Stylist magazine that she reckons her electro pop was different to what "anybody else" was doing at the time too. She said:

"It wasn't just different from what I used to do with the girls, it was different to what anybody else was doing as well. I was really proud of that. So, yes, it was important to me to be different. I really wanted to do my own thing."

Roberts also spoke about her desire to start a family, but the 26-year-old feels she is too young at the moment. She added:

"I'm one of four so I'm very family orientated. Me, my sister and my two little brothers are like the four musketeers; it's us against everyone else. We're like a little pack. I do want to have a family one day, but I feel too young at the moment."




Watch the video for 'Yo-Yo' below:


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