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Nicola Roberts on Girls Aloud's hiatus: "I was frustrated and angry every day"

'Beat Of My Drum' singer Nicola Roberts has admitted that Girls Aloud's hiatus really "frustrated" her when it was announced and she soon became disillusioned with the industry. 

Talking about her group's considerable break from making music together, the stylish star explained that her management were trying to push her into other kinds of work away from recording and it made her "sad":

"Before I started making the (solo) album, I felt so frustrated that I wasn't making music and I felt like I couldn't see music in my life for a long time. I didn't know how I was going to have music in my life until the band had another record."

"It really made me sad. I felt like I wanted to be a singer and I used to write little and then all of a sudden the band went on a break and management were trying to find different things for me to do, this TV work, that TV work, and it was just like, 'This is really sad, actually.' Really not sitting well with me at all."




25-year-old Roberts added: "I was frustrated and angry inside every day. That's what the song 'Fish Out of Water' [from album 'Cinderella's Eyes'] was about, what, am I supposed to just find another career because the band is on a break? That's how I felt."

Watch her interview from Loose Women, which aired on January 11, below: