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Nicole Scherzinger says she has sacrificed having a family for her career

Nicole Scherzinger says her career has always come before having a family or getting married.

The singer had been in a on-off relationship with Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton for a number of years until recently.

The US star told the Sunday Mirror that she has always placed work ahead of starting a family.

Scherzinger said: "Look at me? I'm not married and I ain't got no kids yet. Of course work has come at a sacrifice. I've missed out on life."

However, the X Factor judge said she is hoping to dedicate time to family in the near future.

She added: "I see a vision of what I want as an artist.

"Now I'm going to the top of that mountain. When I get there, then I'll have time for a family, and kids. It's a sacrifice when you put your heart into a job. Relationships suffer."

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