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Nicole Scherzinger: 'I've never said I want babies now'

'Wet' beauty Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that despite persistent press reports she isn't ready to start a family yet.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the songstress explained that she comes from a large family so she would love to have children one day although now is just not the time:

"I always read in the papers that 'Nicole wants babies', and I've never said I want babies now! I'm not ready yet, but as I come from a big family, one day I'd like to have my own."

Scherzinger, who recently described herself and boyfriend Lewis Hamilton as "kindred spirits", added that she's more than happy to be a cool aunt to her sister's three kids and enjoys entertaining them when she's home:

"When I go home I'm the same girl - just without all the lashes and lights and glamour. My sister has three kids so I'm 'Auntie Nani', and those nieces are everything to me. I have a big family in Kentucky and Hawaii - when I'm there I'm running around with 12 kids playing games. Family means everything. It keeps everything in perspective."




Watch her music video for 'Right There' below: