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Nicole Scherzinger: 'I didn't get a warm reception when I joined the UK's X Factor'

'Boomerang' hitmaker Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she wasn't immediately well-received when she joined the UK's X Factor panel.

During a recent interview with ITV's This Morning, she explained there was some initial hostility when she first arrived: "I'm not going to lie, I felt like coming to town and joining the show - I didn't get the warmest reception."

"So now to be embraced and to know that people get my sense of humor and get my quirkiness and see the passion that I put into the show, it feels really good and it does feel like I've bounced back like a boomerang."

Scherzinger added that she struggled to get used to Britain's weather when she touched down and it caused her to question her decision about joining the TV talent show: "My first week here I was depressed because of the weather. My second week here I was ready to move here. I loved it that much."

"I feel like I can be myself here, more myself, everybody gets my wit, my sense of humor. I'm kind of off the wall and so are they. I know it's crazy to say it but I feel like they embrace that here."





Watch Scherzinger's music video for 'Boomerang' below: