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Nicole Scherzinger: 'X Factor rejects are given counselling sessions'

Raven-haired beauty Nicole Scherzinger has confessed that contestants who are kicked off 'The X Factor' get counselling to deal with the rejection. 

She's currently working as a judge and mentor on the new season of the popular TV vocal talent show and explained to Alan Carr that because some of the people who audition are so young, they are given a session of therapy if and when they leave so they can learn to cope with it:

"When the ­contestants don't get picked, they fly home that afternoon. They do get counselling when they come home as a lot of them are so young."

Scherzinger added that it's always so awkward when people audition and try to flirt with the panel in an attempt to win a free pass to the next round:

"It's a totally awkward situation. The auditionees start to move forward and I'm like, 'Please don't make eye contact'. I start to look at the audience and pray they don't come up to me. They come up and start grinding. Their breath is foul."

Earlier this week, the star also admitted that she wasn't a fan of the new bootcamp rules because it's so brutal to reject people both on television and in front of a huge studio audience: "Oh my gosh, it was wretched. It was so hardcore. It was brutal. It made for great telly [though], I'm not going to lie. We were there and I was sweating. This was like the lion's den, we were throwing them out there to the wolves."



Watch her discuss the new series of 'The X Factor' below: