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Noel Gallagher rejected by Inspiral Carpets

British rock group Inspiral Carpets missed a trick when they turned down Noel Gallagher at their auditions in the 80s after original singer Stephen Holt quit.

Holt left the band in 1989 and the star-to-be auditioned as his replacement. However, the remaining members of Inspiral Carpets did not believe Gallagher was up to scratch.

Gallagher then proceeded to achieve international fame and success with brother Liam as part of the band Oasis. Inspiral Carpets' keyboardist, Clint Boon, has since admitted that he can only imagine how famous they would have been if they had taken on the 'Wonderwall' hitmaker.

Clint further states, "When Steve left the band, very amicably, that's when Noel Gallagher auditioned to take his place as a singer for the Inspirals. We ended up with Tom Hingley, who's a great singer and still is. Imagine if we'd taken on Noel? That's another chapter of the Inspirals' history that we should maybe one day investigate." 

Inspiral Carpets are set to begin writing their first new material in over 15 years after recently reuniting with Holt.

Check out Gallagher's latest single from his debut solo project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, here: