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Noel Gallagher hopes "time will heal" his broken relationship with brother Liam

Following the turbulent relationship that's plagued the Gallagher brothers this year, Noel has admitted that he hopes "time will heal some of these wounds".

In a new interview with, the High Flying Birds star opened up about possibly rebuilding the broken connection although he feels it will be a long process:

"We never hung out together outside of the band, ever. Now, of course, at some point I'm going to have to sit in a fucking room with Liam again. Hopefully time will heal some of these wounds. But if you're asking me if it's going to be this Christmas — not a fucking chance."

Gallagher also blamed the pair's falling out on their different views on what was important in Oasis, adding "when things got violent, I left. There is no point in being in a fucking violent rock band. That's nonsense. We've always had a different view of the band: I thought the most important part were the songs, and he thought the most important part was the chaos."

Check out the second single, 'AKA... What A Life!', to be released from Noel's solo project, here: