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Noel Gallagher wants to axe the smoking ban

If Noel Gallagher could be the Mayor of London for one day he would "abolish the smoking ban". 

The High Flying Birds rocker took part in the Evening Standard magazine's 'My London' interview and revealed that his pet peeve is being forced to stand outside in winter weather just because he wants a cigarette. Gallagher explained:

"Abolish the smoking ban. I've smoked since I was a teenager and now poor souls like me have to stand outside. What really annoys me is that in the winter we're all outside shivering, with all the squares inside, and then in the summer the squares come outside and it's like, 'This is for smokers, get back inside with your Birkenstocks'."

He also recalled being "underwhelmed" at the height of Big Ben upon his arrival in the country's capital because the "News at Ten" always made it look "huge". 

Check out his solo project's forthcoming new single, 'AKA... What A Life!' here: