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Noel Gallagher would have joined Kasabian "in a heartbeat"

Noel Gallagher has admitted that he would have joined Kasabian "in a heartbeat" if only they had asked following the split of Oasis back in 2009. 

Speaking to, the iconic and ever outspoken musician opened up about how the dynamic has changed now that he has to be a frontman for his new High Flying Birds project and revealed that he does prefer being in the background:

"I hate audience participation in any form. I cringe when I see these bands doing all that “Everybody over here get your hands up!” sh*t. F*ck off. I’m not arsed where I am or even why you lot [the audience] are here. I’ve made a record, you’ve come to see me play it live."

"I would’ve joined that band (Kasabian) in a heartbeat, by the way. But they never asked. I never really got calls off anyone (once Oasis had split). I never had Bono phoning me, saying, “I’ve always thought The Edge could do with some back-up.” 

He also explained how he feels when strangers approach him to talk about his ongoing feud with brother Liam, and added:

"I get people who say, “You should really make up with your brother.” I go, “Why’s that?” “For your mother’s sake.” What the f*ck’s it got to do with her? You don’t know Liam, you don’t know me, so f*ck off.

Watch Noel perform 'Club Foot' alongside Kasabian at the NME's 10th birthday event below: