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Noel Gallagher's rent free lifestyle catches up with him

Noel Gallagher used to live rent free in a house owned by rocker Johnny Marr and now The Smiths star thinks it's about time he paid up.

Speaking to Fantastic Man magazine, Marr explained that he wasn't interested in becoming a landlord and decided it was easier to just let the former Oasis hitmaker stay there for nothing although now he quite fancies claiming a significant back payment:

"I had a place in London up until about '97, '98 when Noel Gallagher vacated it, because I'd let him borrow it for a couple of years. I couldn't be bothered being anyone's landlord... I think he owes me a lot in back rent. At what, £2,000 a week?"

Watch Marr talk about his past relationship with a then penniless Gallagher here: