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Olly Murs reveals post-X Factor depression and drink battle

Olly Murs says he was depressed after leaving the X Factor.

The singer was runner-up on the 2009 series of the TV talent show and he has enjoyed a huge career following his stint.

However, the Brit told Event that he found himself turning to alcohol as he struggled to cope with his busy schedule following the X Factor.

Murs revealed: "It was straight off the back of the X Factor tours. I was drinking too much, I'd always want a drink – vodka and orange – before I performed. You have this split personality. 

"You save all the smiles and the happiness for the performance and then it was like you just switched off. I was moody all the time.

"I was like a zombie but underneath it all, I was just worrying about what was going to happen to me and I was actually depressed."

Murs added that his management team helped him turn his life around:

"I burst into tears and they told me to take a break. It's crazy, but that was the last thing you expect to hear. You almost expect them to say, 'Well goodbye then'. But they had more faith in me than I had in myself and they also realised I was burnt out. It took two weeks for me to sort myself out. 

"I came back and everything just flew from that point. Of all the things you need to hang on to, your head is the one that counts."

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