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Olly Murs talks vocal damage: 'I spent a few days thinking my voice was never coming back'

Olly Murs has admitted that he feared his voice would never come back after damaging it last year.

The singer told Event that there was a point in 2014 where he hurt his vocal cords - and this lead to the former X Factor star worrying abut his future.

The 'Up' man said: "I thought I lost it [his voice]. It was horrible. I did spend a few days thinking it was never coming back, that I'd damaged it for good.

"My resolution for this year is to get fit and get through the year with my voice intact. I'm starting off with tons of running and sprinting, then spending February with a vocal coach, doing exercises, doing my special hums to warm myself up. I'll become the throat guru. I'm obsessed with anything to do with vocal cords."

Murs meanwhile is due to tour the UK next year in promotion of new album 'Never Been Better'.

The run will open in Sheffield on March 31 before concluding at London's O2 Arena on May 7.

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