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Olly Murs: 'I think it's hard now for any artist to get a No.1'

Olly Murs would love to land another No.1 single in the UK.

However, the singer told Digital Spy that he thinks it's increasingly difficult for British acts to hit the top of the chart as a result of streaming.

The former X Factor man recently unleashed the tune 'You Don't Know Love', which peaked at No.19 in the UK.

He said that if the country's chart included radio plays, like the US, then he would have more chance of landing at No.1.

Murs said: "I want the song to be No.1. I think it's hard now for any artist - especially UK artists - to get a No.1. 

"Streaming is so popular, so if you are an in demand act, obviously people want to listen to your music. I feel like the chart now, for breaking new artists, is harder, because the songs have to be incredible.

"I do think it's the way forward, but for example, my song has been No.1 on the radio airplay chart for the last couple of weeks, and that's amazing for me - it's huge. 

"The radio chart doesn't help on the main chart, whereas with streaming you have to be on certain playlists for it to have effect. So then a Spotify or Apple Music playlist would be the equivalent of us listening to a radio playlist. 

"So why the radio, streaming and download charts - like the Americans do - aren't accumulated together, I don't understand. Look, it is what it is and I have to roll with the punches. I'm still doing brilliantly so I can't complain."

Murs has reached No.1 on the UK singles chart four times, but his last chart-topper came out in 2012.

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Listen to Murs' new single below:


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