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Olly Murs tackles questions from his YouTube channel's comments section

Singer Olly Murs recently sat down with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw and answered a series of questions from the comments section below his most recent music video on YouTube

He found one question from a viewer who wanted to know why he "sounded American" and explained that his musical influences are possibly to blame for that, although it's not something he does consciously:

"Do I sing like an American? I don't think I do... I got asked this question years and years ago sometimes, because obviously when you do soulful music... for example I did "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder on X Factor and all that, we're so heavily influenced here by all the great American music growing up... especially me [...] so I think there's obviously going to be a slight American feel to the song, but I think everyone in Essex is fuming when that question came up! 'Sing like an Essex boy.'"

He then addressed the "how long has he been autotuned" remark and said: "I've never been autotuned. I'm sure there's been, listen, I'm sure there's pieces of work done to the vocals and stuff like that... you can't sing perfectly all the time, I'm devastated she thinks my song's autotuned!"

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Watch Olly Murs answering entertaining questions from his YouTube comments here:


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