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Olly Murs: 'Artists who say they’re not affected by online abuse are lying'

Olly Murs has claimed that artists who say they are not affected by online abuse are lying.

The 28-year-old, who unveiled his new single, 'Troublemaker,' earlier today, told The Sun that he feels it’s impossible just to ignore negative messages on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook:

"I think artists will lie and turn around and say, no it doesn't affect me, but I'm sure it does. I mean nobody likes to read a tweet about them on the internet, that's horrible, and it's not what you want to see you know, but that's part and parcel of the industry unfortunately.

"You are going to see tweets, you are going to see people give you abuse, but you just have to rise above it. It's just one of those things unfortunately - it's there, it's in black and white, you can see what they've written about you and it's not nice."

The Xtra Factor host, who releases his new autobiography, 'Happy Days,' this week, admitted that he can sometimes take the abuse to heart:

"For all the hundreds of thousands of tweets you get that are lovely and amazing, unfortunately you will always notice the one that's horrible.

"I think every artist that says they don't see it or get affected by it is lying. If you look at it, it is going to affect you in some shape or form. You are going to look at it and go 'well that's not very nice'. But you just don't reply, you bounce back, forget about it and move on."




Listen to Olly's new single below:


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