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Olly Murs: 'Robbie Williams likes having me around as I don't drink or take drugs'

Cheeky hitmaker Olly Murs has revealed that he bonded well with singer Robbie Williams because they both live lifestyles that avoid drinking and drug taking.

The pair are currently on tour together in the UK and Murs explained to In:Demand's Alex James that they're getting along really well because they have sobriety in common:

"I'm not a drinker, I'm not a drug taker - I think that's probably why he has me around him."

"He wants people who don't cause him any problems or take him back to the dark side. I'm sure it's something Robbie still battles with every day."

Referring to Williams' reformed ways, the 'Troublemaker' sensation confessed like like all of the great musicians who have stood the test of time Williams has gone through tough things, but has come out on top:

"How I look at it is... not every great artist has had a problem, but if you look at the likes of Michael Jackson... Freddie Mercury... Robbie, Elvis Presley as well. All these greats have that certain unique... crazy personalities. They've always had their problems and they always come back and have massive success and I think that's where Robbie is now."





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