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EMMA CLENDENAN - 19th January 2021 - MUSKOKA, ONTARIO - is releasing a new original track ‘Never Saw it Coming’ on January 29th, 2021 with the help of The Online Recording Studio. Back in April 2019, Emma successfully released her debut single ‘Too Much’ across all streaming platforms with her latest track being highly anticipated since then. ‘Never Saw it Coming’ is a catchy, contemporary pop song perfect for cranking up and blasting anywhere. It’s the kind of music you play on a road trip - groovy, fun, and easy to tap your foot to that leaves you reaching for the repeat button when it ends.

‘Never Saw it Coming’ has always been the song Emma was most excited to release since its creation several years ago. When she first penned the song at 17 years old, she had a strong feeling it would be her most notable track and now hopes that others will love it as much as she does. Alongside being incredibly catchy, the song’s inspiration came from a real-life experience; the lyrics are meaningful and will resonate with anyone who has been through a difficult time in their life.

Emma draws on many of her own experiences in her songwriting, and this is reflected in her debut release ‘Too Much’. The 2019 track draws on strong adolescent feelings including isolation and fear of the future during a period of significant change. Her concept lyric, ‘Too much is never enough’ speaks to feeling used, a feeling many individuals with passion and drive can strongly relate to.

Emma has become known by her fans for her powerful lyrics and her standout songwriting. With solid writing and artistry as her foundation, everything she creates is focused on conveying feelings that other people might relate to. Many people rely on their voice to make their music stand out, but Emma feels she is quite the opposite - she relies on her music to make her voice stand out amidst the many trying to make it in the music world.

“Some of the biggest songs of all time have lasted for many generations and continue to be iconic, so I love the idea of creating something with enough magic to withstand time. Making music brings me so much joy, and there's nothing like that feeling when someone sings your song or tells you how a song you wrote had meaning for them.“ - Emma Clendenan.

Alongside the release of ‘Never Saw it Coming’, Emma has more new music coming in 2021. ‘Just Breathe’ is an original love song written by Emma that talks about feeling the world fall away when you’re with someone you love. This upcoming track is set to be different in style and subject matter from her other releases, further demonstrating her versatility as an artist.

“Emma is a great artist! There's something about her songwriting and vocal performances that feels so true and honest. It makes my job a pleasure to do because it's inspiring stuff on the way in, there's nothing to 'fix', so I can focus on making a track that feels good" - Marcus Thompson, Music Producer @ The Online Recording Studio

Emma is not only a successful recording artist; she has an extensive musical background of playing the flute, piano, guitar, and ukulele to a professional standard alongside many years of choral experience. In 2017 and 2018 she was awarded a spot as a first soprano in the prestigious Canadian International Schools Music Festival (CISMF) senior choir performing at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

Another highlight of her career was her experience opening for Nashville country artist Manny Blu at the 2019 Bala Cranberry Festival. Supporting such an established artist was a pivotal career moment for Emma, alongside it being her debut performance at a prominent Ontario music festival.

Emma’s passion for music and the arts has inspired her to become a leader and spokesperson for music in the community. In 2017 she organized and performed in two separate fundraiser concerts, raising money for local mental health initiatives in collaboration with the Rosseau Nursing Station. She was also responsible for creating a choir at Rosseau Lake College; one she directed and created arrangements for that led to a successful Bronze ranking at the Northern Ontario Music Festival in 2018. She was recognized for her contributions to music in the community as a nominee at the 2018 Bobby Orr Celebrating Youth Awards ceremony in Parry Sound, Ontario.

When she’s not singing, Emma is a watersports enthusiast and enjoys wakeboarding, water skiing and tubing to name just a few. This love of the outdoors stems from years of enjoying time at her family’s rural cottage, boating and spending time out on the water with friends and loved ones. She’s a thrillseeker at heart, with adrenaline-filled activities being top of her list of ways to spend free time alongside any opportunities that arise to make memories.

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