The Online Recording Studio launches #MentalHealthMarch to support artists and creatives


The Online Recording Studio

The Online Recording Studio ‘TORS’ has launched a series of live webinars [#MentalHealthMarch] with industry experts to support artists and creatives in the music industry, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

LONDON/LEEDS/NASHVILLE, March 10th 2021- The Online Recording Studio, the full-service recording, production, promotion and coaching platform announced today that they are hosting a series of live webinars with industry experts, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of artists and creatives across the music industry.

The webinar series and Instagram campaign, beginning on the 11th March will cover many aspects of wellbeing including burnout, mindfulness, resilience, sleep and managing anxiety. The webinars are free and open to all, making the campaign completely inclusive. Hosting the webinars will be the CEO and Founder of The Online Recording Studio, Joe Wadsworth. Joe has been a coach and mentor in the music industry for some time and has seen the impact on mental health that the pandemic has had on many of the artists he has worked with.

Speaking candidly, Joe described what he has seen in the past year: “Over the last year we've seen the mental strain that the impact of Covid-19 has had on our community. It's affected artists' happiness, creativity, self-esteem - the list goes on.” He also has shown his passion for the mental health of artists and how he sees this campaign helping break the stigma in the industry: “We want to do our part in helping support musicians with this series of guest speakers, all from different areas of the music, business, tech, and wellness sectors. There is a stigma around mental health and it's about time that changed.”

Joe has personally selected a range of experts from the music industry, including Noah Lloyd (A multi-million streamed EDM producer) and Dave Gerhart (TORS Executive Producer) to give some relatable insight from within the sector. They will be covering topics that are played down in the industry, including overworking and ensuring routine amongst the fast pace of the music world.

Executive Coaches will also play a part in the series, with clinical psychologist and author of ‘Anti-burnout: How to Create a Psychologically Safe and High-performance Organisation’ Dr Michael Drayton hosting a talk on the dangers of burnout with a real focus on the impact on creativity. This is paired with Oxford University fellow Mary-Louise Clark, a veteran of London’s West End who turned her attention to executive coaching in the early noughties, who will be doing a deep-dive into handling rejection and building resilience, something that is all too familiar for many artists.

In the wellness arena, you can expect a lesson in sleep with Jenna Clarke from leading Wellness App Sleepiest, where she will cover the importance of great sleep on productivity and mental wellbeing. Where mental health counsellor Noel Neu and spiritual teacher Caroline Rena will cover how to manage anxieties to live a more peaceful, fulfilled life.

More exciting guests are yet to be added including live talks from Music Tutors - the biggest online music platform teaching platform in Europe - covering subjects regarding music and anxiety. John Chisum the founder of Nashville Christian Songwriters will also be heading up a talk, with more details to be released at the end of this week.

Tickets for the webinar series are now available to book where they are free and available to all. The webinars will be hosted at 18:30 GMT via Zoom, on selected weekdays throughout March. The full rundown of each webinar can be found via The Online Recording Studios official Eventbrite.


Since it’s conception in 2016, The Online Recording Studio has worked with more than 1000 artists and has helped produce songs that hit number one on various charts across the world including Australia and Japan. Their clients have also had songs featured in various TV and Films on Netflix, Amazon, and Terrestrial TV.

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March 10, 2021 7:33am ET by The Online Recording Studio  

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